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Hossmas started out of my kitchen in a somewhat-desperate attempt to comfort my skin during a flare-up of a skin condition I was born with called reactive perforating collagenosis (RPC). RPC is a strange skin disorder, but in short, it deters healing and causes skin abrasions to become inflamed and intensely itchy. My very first formula was a beta version of Cleansing Dew, i.e., a blend of essential oils and handmade herbal oil infusions used for cleansing and moisturizing. It made my skin look and feel better than it ever had before, inspiring me to spend the next years researching, analyzing, formulating and trying out my ideas. I launched the collection in April of 2017 and named it Hossmas in a nod to my soft, floofy muse of 12 years, Hoss.

Today, the Hossmas collection includes products for the teeth, gums, face and body, made from the highest quality and sustainably-sourced plant oils, butters, extracts and Earth synthetics, preservatives, animal testing or adulteration. Each formula is obsessively pure, supergreen and intentionally handcrafted by me with my sincere hope that you prioritize self love and self care. Our bodies are the means by which this world is transformed...revere yourself, care for yourself, love yourself.